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19/12/2017: Flower Me Pretty!

So often in life we like to be the recipient of a floral gift.

Sometimes being remembered for the work you've done throughout the year means so much more than a gift card or a physical pat on the back.

If that's how you've been feeling, why not drop your boss the biggest of hints by sending them a link to this 'blog? Tell them you want the biggest, best and most beautiful bouquet of flowers from Kirkham Florist and you might even get your Christmas wish come true.

Be it the biggest bouquet or the most modest of posies, whatever your wish, be sure to suggest a card too, stating that you 've 'been the best worker of 2017'.

Do let us know when you receive the flowers. We'd love to see a photo of them on your desk.

Thanks in advance to you, and all our customers this year. Merry Christmas.

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